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Cleaning & Leaf Protection

We help you choose the best leaf protection for your gutters


We offer selection of performance gutter guards for all of Southern Oregon! The ultimate in gutter protection. Let us help you choose the right leaf and debris protection for your gutters. We offer the REAL Gutter Covers by Raytec Manufacturing and Dome Gutter.

There are a few things we consider when recommending a Gutter Protection System for you home or business:


Gutter protection systems, also called gutter covers, increase the efficiency of your rain gutters by preventing debris from entering the gutters. Debris, often in the form of leaves, branches, shingles, toys and other items, can clog gutters, preventing them from effectively capturing rainwater and causing them to overflow.


There are a number of gutter protection solutions available on the market, but some are more hype than help. Gutter covers are not a “one size fits all” addition for your gutter system.

There are a few things we consider when recommending a gutter protection system for your home: Slope, size and type of roof; Size of existing gutters; and Amount and type of trees.

We choose our leaf protection systems with care and attention.

Give us a call, we’ll come out to your home and give you a recommendation based on what we think will work best for you.

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